Which branch decides if laws passed by congress are constitutional?

In the United States the US Supreme Court has the final decision on the constitutionality of all laws in the USA. This often relates to bills that the US Congress passes and s (MORE)

What major political party in the US generally has a stance of wanting less government involvement in the lives of citizens?

The Republican Party claims it wants less involvement in the lives of America's citizens, but it's actual track record is very mixed. The GOP actively targets such personal de (MORE)

Who won the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars?

The Greek cities won the Persian War, the Peloponnesian League won the Peloponnesian War against the Athenian Empire, with the help of Persia. Later the Persians re-establishe (MORE)

Did any newspaper in 1948 have the headline 'Dewey Wins'?

No, but there was a headline that read: Dewey Defeats Truman, in the Chicago Tribune. There are links below. The story goes that the election results were slow coming in, a (MORE)