Which US presidents did not have a vice president?

A total of 17 US Presidents did not have Vice Presidents for at least part of their term of office, and 4 had no Vice President for their entire term
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Was there ever a President who was not born in the US?

Technically yes. The first 9 presidents were born on British soil; when the US was 13 colonies. Article II of the Constitution established an exception
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How many presidential candidates lost the electoral college but won the popular vote?

This has happened four times. In 1824 Andrew Jackson won in popular vote but lost the election. He also led in electoral vote but did not get a the required majority, so the f (MORE)

Who was the last president that did not serve 2 terms?

George H.W. Bush (George Bush 41 ) was the last president not elected to two terms. He had low approval ratings by the end of his first term, which stuck when he was campaigni (MORE)

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