What European countries have a linguistic division?

Belgium is the most notorious case: linguistic division had led to a split of the country into two autonomous regions, Flanders (Dutch-speaking) and Wallonia (French speaking) (MORE)

What was the importance of Marco Polo's exploration?

Marco Polo's travel to Cathay, (China ) sparked an interest among Europeans with the Far East. Europeans became aware of the riches of this area and Marco Polo's travels helpe (MORE)
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What did delegates to the constitutional convention decide about slavery?

In reference to the ratification of the US Constitution, the delegates agreed that the importation of new slaves would end in ten years.
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Most Conservative Colleges in America

An independent liberal arts institution based in southern Michigan, Hillsdale College doesn't take any state or federal taxpayer subsidies. Founded in 1844, this coed, residen (MORE)

8 Powerhouse Political Moms

When Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States, Hillary was already a well-known lawyer. She moved into the White House with their teenaged daughter, Chelsea, bu (MORE)