How did the Emperor of Qin try to protect his empire from invaders?

The Emperor of Qin had taken control over all of China by 221 B.C. To stop invading forces, he ordered a wall to be built. It was called 'the 10,000 Li Long Wall' (a Li = roug (MORE)

Role USSR in fighting Hitler?

Hitler invaded Russia and the Russians fought tremendous battles with the Nazi forces. In Stalingrad they fought hand to hand battles for the city. The entire population of Ru (MORE)

Most Conservative Colleges in America

An independent liberal arts institution based in southern Michigan, Hillsdale College doesn't take any state or federal taxpayer subsidies. Founded in 1844, this coed, residen (MORE)

8 Powerhouse Political Moms

When Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States, Hillary was already a well-known lawyer. She moved into the White House with their teenaged daughter, Chelsea, bu (MORE)